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I'm buying Pan American Silver

Analysts think Silver is going to stay low but I don't agree. Remember, they are trying to move the stock price (that's why they are paid to blog about it). I am adding (NASDAQ: PAAS) on my buy list because this stock is poised to make a huge run. Precious metals are going to shoot up like crazy with the current situation and inflation taking place. Just watch. 

Chrisun - "silver is very useful for solder. they make lots of products from it. Lots of uses for it. besides jewelry. it is used in medicine. all kinds of electronics. When you can find in a search Warran Buffett. said he would not buy gold. you will also find. in may 1998 he bought 130 million ounces of silver. Silver prices usually follow the price of gold. But I don't know why. gold is is used for jewelry and little electronics and decorations. in Tiny amounts. Silver needs to be kept in inventory for manufacturing. Look up "silver solder" and see if you can find how much is used.

I don't know how much it is. But. The point is. Silver gets used up. Gold really doesn't. it gets made into something that is saved. or recycleable."

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