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If Steve Jobs's death didn't ruin Apple, the iCar surely will

Personal ownership of cars is on the way out. Most vehicles spend 80%+ of their lives immobile in peoples' driveways. Once self-driving cars are available, many city dwellers will never own another personal vehicle, they'll just push a button on their phones and the nearest available car will pull up within a minute or so. They'll pay $3-4 dollars for each trip. If you made two trips a day, that's about $15 a day, or 2,000 trips to equal a $30,000 car, with no finance costs or upfront down payment. For longer trips you'll still be able to rent a car and have it be much cheaper.

Wouldn't it make sense to wait until Apple actually announces said product before they decide if it will spell doom for the company?

For example, we all remember what a disaster that Apple HDTV was for the company when they released it five years ago, just like all the pundits said it would. That product was such a flop hardly anyone remembers it ever existed.

You obviously don't understand the Apple Product fear mongering timeline.

EVERY product, real or imagined [especially imagined] is doomed until the day it is released. Then it is the best thing since sliced bread. Three days later when shipping dates start slipping, it's all about how Apple are doomed because the didn't build enough of the iWidget du jour.

Six months later after it has sold like crazy, there will be a follow up article asking why Apple didn't release it ten years ago.

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