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The Gold Stock that will make you lots of money. Trust.

Goldcorp is trading at approx. $12, its book value per share currently is $20.55 (NYSE: GG). Yeah, that's right, this is a money maker for sure. Its hit its bottom almost and same with Gold altogether. Hedge funds are now holding a record net short position in gold (weeeee) This has to be bullish for gold! Right? Many commodities/metals are getting close to their 2009 low (and beyond in some cases), but Gold is still 2x its 2009 low and 3x 2005 level (start of commodities bubble). Gold Miners however are at their 2009 lows (and worse). In many other commodities, the miners are closer to the path of their underling commodity, except Gold? We're talking 10-year lows in Goldcorp today. Looks like the FED won, and the gold bugs lost.... big time.

I am long on GG and holding and watching it getting really beat down with everyone else in this sector....I am holding because the gold is in the ground and when they mine it, it might be higher or lower....For me, it is the reserves that are most important....I think the company will find ways to bring down the costs of production and that will help the bottom line when the price of gold reverses at some point....I have no idea when or at what price this is, but I doubt the company is anywhere near going, wait and see....some of my holdings are at record highs and many just holding...GG is at least 50% under water....I'll take the dividend till they cancel it and hold it till it reverses and then buy more....I appreciate everyone's ideas and opinions about GG...Some are really positive and some are really negative....I like Bio Tech, and that is really gambling....Big wins and total loses....I honestly think Bio Tech offers more to society than gold, so that is where I like to "play", but core holding still tend to be safe and sound no matter what the current opinions and prices are....That is my investment strategy and ideas....Thanks and good luck everyone...cheers

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